7. Building Bridges

How do you approach relationships in your business? Are you just staying busy, or are you looking for ways to […]

6. Marketing & Evangelism

Check out what I was able to share on a Kingdom Entreprenuer Clubhouse meeting! Marketing isn’t about a product, it’s […]

5. Conflict & Influence

How we handle conflict can grow or diminish our influence in business and the world around us.

Finding Your Kingdom Purpose

What if you’re just one step away from your Kingdom purpose?

Was This on Purpose?

Escaping from the trap of distracted living

Episode 2: Growing in the Small Things

In this episode David shares about a recent experience that led him to evaluate how small battles we face often […]

Episode 1: What is Simple Kingdom?

The Kingdom of God is meant to be accessible to all. Join us as we explore what it means to […]